New this year: In lieu of auditions we are now accepting teacher recommendations using the evaluation form provided.

Recorder auditions may be submitted either as an mp3 file or by sending a link to a YouTube recording and must be submitted to this address: The deadline for recorded audition submissions is November 16, 2016. Returning members of Honour Jazz do not need to audition or supply a teacher reference but still need to email us the registration form found here.


All wind instrument players, piano, guitar and bass players will need to record the melody for Mr. PC and also play the C blues scale for Trombone, Flute, Piano, Guitar and Bass; the A blues scale for Alto Sax and Baritone Sax; and the D blues scale for Tenor Sax and Trumpet. Piano and Guitar players will also need to play one chorus of the accompanying chords. Drummers will need to record the swing groove for Mr. PC and also demonstrate Rock or Funk, and Latin grooves.


Vocalists will need to record Autumn Leaves as a medium swing and a ballad of their own choice with or without accompaniment. Vocalists please indicate your basic voice range – Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass.

Audition Music

Here is a link to a Youtube video of the accompaniment for Mr. PC at a slow tempo that you can practice with:

Here is a link to a Youtube video of Mr. PC that you MAY use as an accompaniment for your audition recording:


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